Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Evening guys,

I thought i would show you something else that ties in with what i have been doing the past few posts, they have all been about, not letting your stash hold you back and to make it work for you!! I bought some lovely stash yesterday and posted my mini haul on here today, however, i wanted my blingy button to match my blinged up scrunched taffeta bow, and oh that bow is gorrrrrrrgeous!!!!  I thought,  "how about spraying the bow with some Cosmic Shimmer Mica Misters" (similar to Glimmermists and Lindy's Gang, to my U.S friends) and seeing as the ribbon is a copper brown colour i used a subtle shade of mica spritz 'Sunlight Mist', just to enhance the natural beauty of this colour and fabric, its so sumptious!!

The blingy crystal button is absolutely stunning but didnt go with this particular coloured ribbon, maybe a black, or silver but not this colour so i thought "Aha!!!! i know i will use my trusty promarkers so i chose 'Burn't Orange' as the browns were not strong enough, they were too translucent instead of a little translucent, anyway, here is the whole game in pictures, hope it gives you ideas to play with!!!! Hugs&Blessings xxxVick

P.S Oh by the way, the C.S mister also makes the ribbon harder and crispy, lol, i kinder like that,  as it keeps its shape, its more like a wired ribbon now, with a crunchy feel, lol xxx


  1. You are so clever Vick, the sprayed ribbon looks great and I bet it keeps it's shape better aswel.. Hugs. X

  2. You are so right Vick. CS shimmer mists are the best and I colour all sorts with Promarker - beads, buttons, anything metal... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas - I want to get to Poundland before the weekend and hunt down some bargins. Hugs, Buttons x

  3. Hiya Jo my dearest buddy, It does keep its shape i like how its turned out! thanks for your lovely comment, i don't think im clever, you do better than me but i hope i help people think differently about their stash and make it work for them!! hugs xxxV

  4. LOL Buttons sweetie, yep get to that Poundland, lol, i tell you what else i look out for, cheap jewellery from there and Primark etc, take it all apart and use bits i want for me, ive got so many projects in the pipeline but dont finish any hahahaha, love promarkers i use them on so many things, well.......the list on the posts below says it all, thankyou for your lovely comment xxxx

  5. Just found your Blog and I love it............
    Wow! never thought of changing the colour of Gems with Promarkers what a fabby idea, will certainly use that one.
    Spraying the ribbon with CS will also try that.
    I will be back for more..........Patricia

  6. Hey there Patricia,

    Thanks for your lovely comment about my blog, i aim to please, lol !!! That was the main reason i started one for, cause i wanted to inspire and in turn my friends inspire me! Isn't it a lovely world to be in, with friends? anyway, yes, i use my promarkers for many things, if you check the post below this one there is a long list of ideas for their useage that i adopted, and maybe you know some yourself that you never thought of before, please share when you have them im sure everyone will love the ideas......yeah the CS spray on ribbons is really good and if you have any glitter sprays they add something great too, but just make sure you put some copier paper behind the ribbon or you'll end up with spray over everything lol, you might like that look but im banking on your cat or dog not digging it much hehehehehehe.....lots of love hun, Vick xxxx
    PS welcome too, and please visit me again x

  7. Great idea to change the colour of your gemstones Vick. I've heard you can do this before but never have given it a try! Your bow looks amazing and the Promarkered gem looks great on it!

    Sarah x

  8. Hi Sarah honey,

    If you go to the post, 'green never seen'....until now..its about 3 posts down from this one. I list many things you can use your pens on that i have tried and if you have anymore ideas i would love you to leave a comment on there with your ideas for their use.

    Thankyou for your lovely comment, they really can be used for so many different applications, i bet there's loads of ones that i haven't thought of. Because they are alcohol solvent based instead of water based they can even be added to things like metal and plastic, where waterbased items would 'bead up' and not stick to the surface, i hope you have a think and add more to that post, huggles hun, Vick xxxx