Saturday, 28 July 2012

YAY!! Saturated Canary YT DT announced!!!

Hi There Guys,

As my lovely followers on here and many cherished friends on Facebook will know, i am a Saturated Canary addict!! LOL......i just love the gorgeous characters, every single one of them and Krista's work is phenomenal....... oh Krista? she's the ever so talented artist and mama of the stamps that make her company Saturated Canary.......Recently, i started a little venture with Krista, to start a YouTube Design Team, and Krista made a DT Call Out to all those girlies, and boys out there, to see if anyone was happy enough to make videos, to show us how they use the lovely characters and a tutorial of how they make their masterpieces! As the YT DTLeader/Coordinator i had a part to play in who we chose to be on the team, and oh so hard that was, some very talented people were to be given good news and some equally very talented people were to be given bad news, its not a nice thing to do, so i left that bit to Krista, oops, sorry Krista......well, she is the boss, hehehehe!!!
Two of Krista's lovely designers from her well established challenge blog, have decided to come over to the YouTube team, and i want to say a personal Hi, lovely to meet you and i look forward to working with you, Carisa & Mary....huggles, girlies....and myself and Krista chose 3 new girls for the team, welcome to Fabi, Yani & Penni, i look forward to working with you girls, xx
I know quite a few of the Challenge Blog designers, and Guest designers and they are great friends, and i have equally met some new girls who are fast becoming good buddies!! Soon, the 'new, very exciting' Saturated Canary Channel will be launched and i do hope you all come to visit us on YouTube, on our blogs, and i'm sure my fellow team mates will post their links on Facebook too, like i, all thats left to do is say, look out for my launch post and get ready for some great videos, laughs and most of all.... fun!!!!
Hugs&Blessings, Vick xxx


  1. Best of luck Vicky! I'm sure you will do a knock-out job with those videos!!! What a very exciting time for you!
    You asked about my Circut cartridge and it is called "ArtPhilosophy" It is specifically made for Close To My Heart. That is the only way to buy it. It has all sorts of amazing shapes.
    Anyhow, can't wait to see some videos by you!
    Hugs, Dena

  2. Hi Dena Darling,
    It is exciting isn't it? I cannot wait to get started....
    Thanks for the info about the Cricut Cart i will look into how to buy it then from them, it will have to be shipped then, it may turn out very expensive, i shall look into it my friend, thankyou so much for the information, i couldn't remember the name of it and i knew you loved using it, so if it was your 'go to' cart i know its most probably going to be one of my favourites too, as i have finally got a craft studio with plenty of space to set my cricut and craft robo up!! hugs sweetie and i will let you know when we are launching, thankyou for being my friend xxxxhuggles, Vick

  3. Can't wait to see the first Youtube vid, Vick! I know it will be fantastic - your vids are always so instructive and inspiring, hun! Good luck! xx

  4. woohoooooo! i have so been waiting for this bloggy post vick :) :) ding the super happy dance with you hun
    huge hugs Lou xxxxxx

  5. Oh Sharon what a really lovely thing to say , you have made my day hun, well i hope i don't disappoint then, lol, hugs darling, Vick xxx

  6. Hi there Lou,

    I know......its so exciting isnt it? yay!!! doing the happy dance together, lol..thanks for your lovely comment sweets, i can't wait to start huggles sweetie, vick xxxx

  7. Duuuuude!!!! I'm WAY excited!! Can't wait to see what the Girlies bring :-). I love me some video inspiration! xx

  8. yeeeeeeeeeepeeeeee!!!!!!! hehe Fabi xx

  9. Hey Mary, so exciting hun.......hugs xx

  10. Fabi......yippee!!! not long now, im working on it!!! yay xx