Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Hey there my friends,

Today i have something  a little different for you to a card, although i will be back later with a card, (my W.O.C challenge card)  I wanted to tell you some good news for me and then some good news for you, if you like doing YouTube videos, or even if you haven't tried them before but just know you could do well, we all have to do our first one to start doing them in the first place......dont we?

Anyway, Krista, the artist and owner behind Saturated Canary Digital Stamps HERE  (and now launching at CHA @ Little Darlings Booth) her Rubber stamp range, whoo hoo!! Krista is having a DTCall for some designers on YouTube. There will be, for the first time ever, a Saturated Canary Channel!! yay (worth checking out when it goes live)  and 6 designers whom will work that channel, 3 of which are already chosen, 2 of the girls have popped over from Krista's blog challenge DT and the other one is the 'leader of the pack'  moi, yours truly, lol, so predominantly you would be working with me and a lovely group of girls, as i am the DTLeader with Krista as our overall boss, but not exactly a boss cause she's too stinkin cute and lovely to be bossy but you know what i mean!! LOL.
Anyhoo, there are 3 spots left, if you watch the video (link below) that Krista has done for this Call she will give you the email address to send your little video clip to.  Krista thought, and i agreed that it would be a great idea to have the potential Design Team submit their video piece to her email address, that in turn you won't feel everyone has seen your submission and there is less pressure on you all, as you will feel happy to know that there will only be a couple of people seeing it, not every woman, man and his doggy, aww!!
So, the requirements, as a YTDT member, you will be required to put out one tutorial video piece a month with one of Krista's creations as the focal point, thats it guys, thats all, Krista is fairly relaxed and doesn't put upon us stringent rules and regulations, it is a fairly laidback team to be in, so whats stopping you? watch what Krista has to say and have a go, i'd love to work with you!!  and besides......we'll have a right ole giggle.....
Hugs & Blessings, Vick xxxx

Here is Krista's video :

And myself and Krista just want to say she isn't falling asleep there in that shot, hahaha, its YouTube's sense of humour, LOL xxxx  GOOD LUCK MY FRIENDS AND MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN!!!! hugs xx


  1. Oh, how exciting for you Vick! Congratulations, hun! I'm so glad that Krista recognised real talent when she saw it. You'll be a fantastic asset to the DT team! xx

  2. Aww bless you sweetheart, you are so kind! Yes i am the DTLeader, whoo hoo, i cannot wait and i know you will watch my videos, it'll soon be launching, i'll post on my blog when its up live. Hope you are ok sweet, im still bedbound but the pain is easing a little, if i don't do anything , lol xxxxx hugs darling